All Natural Baby Bath & Skin Care with Manuka Honey
All Natural Baby Bath & Skin Care with Manuka Honey
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How to stop nappy rash

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No one likes nappy rash – it makes for cranky babies and frustrated mamas but it can be prevented and treated with the right care and gentle, natural and skin-soothing products.

What is nappy rash?
Wet and dirty nappies can cause your baby’s skin to become irritated, which can sometimes lead to infection. It’s really no surprise that sitting in wee and poo – which both contain substances that can aggravate skin – can cause a rash but of course there’s no way around it, as nappies are pretty necessary!

What does nappy rash look like?
Your baby’s skin might look red and angry and sometimes appear spotty. Your baby will let you know that it feels sore and itchy, so be gentle when cleaning, drying and moisturising the affected area.

What can you do about nappy rash
The best way to stop nappy rash is to change your baby’s nappy as often as you can. For a young bubba, this could mean checking the nappy at least every hour. Having nappy-free periods – maybe during tummy time – is also a good idea as it allows airflow around your baby's bum and gives the skin a break. Plus, they love this time as they feel free and can kick and move around to their heart’s content!

Using the right products 
Another crucial part of preventing nappy rash is to use a barrier cream such as Bee Baby Natural Bum Bum Balm with Manuka Honey, which gently moisturises, soothes and protects your baby’s bottom. This Kiwi-made baby balm is 100% free from harmful ingredients and is specially formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients like Manuka Honey Extract and Beeswax, which help speed up the recovery of irritated skin and protect against infection.

Other products to consider when trying to prevent nappy rash are the wipes you use and the soap or bubble bath you cleanse your baby in, as well as laundry detergent if you’re using cloth nappies. Instead of wipes, a soft, wet muslin cloth to gently clean their bottoms and pat their skin dry with a soft cotton towel, rather than rubbing. And for cleaning, baby skin is sensitive and only needs cleaning with mild products – try our moisturising hypoallergenic Bee Baby Goats Milk Soap with Manuka Honey or Bee Baby Shampoo & Body Wash with Manuka Honey and Chamomile

Nappy rash and teething
When babies start to teethe they produce more saliva, which is thought to make their poos runny, which in turn can irritate their bums, causing nappy rash. There’s not much you can do about teething and babies dribbling other than to work hard at preventing nappy rash and treating it as soon as it starts!

When a rash gets infected
If the rash is getting worse and looking angry and irritated, bubba may have developed a fungal or bacterial infection, which can look bright red with white or red pimples. If things don’t improve with the tips above, or if your baby has a fever or is very distressed by the rash, you might need to take them to a doctor or nurse to treat the infection.


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